Phantom Wallet – The Easiest Guide to Using Phantom Wallet

Before anything else, everyone should know that this guide and the Phantom wallet itself could not have been completed without the help of the Phantasma community; special thanks to Bill and LittleSmith95! Lots of people have been active like madmen to test the wallet and help write this tutorial. You’re all amazing.

This article describes all the steps to use the Phantom Desktop Wallet. If you need live help feel free to join the official Telegram group of Phantasma. However if you follow the steps below, you should be fine. Telegram invite link for live help however is here, but please try your best first.

Create Wallet

When the installation of the Phantom Wallet for your platform of choice is all done, we can really begin!

When you launch the wallet, the screen below is what initially pops up. This is where you can login when you have already set up a wallet. We don’t have a wallet yet, so our first step is to click on Create Account.

Swapping from Phantasma to NEO

Before we get started on the swapback, we want to make one thing absolutely clear:

If you want to swap back from native SOUL to Nep5 SOUL, be warned that you must have some GAS and KCAL in your Phantasma wallet. Otherwise, the swap will not work!
You can swap GAS from your Neo wallet to your Phantasma wallet, exactly like you also swapped your Nep5 SOUL to native SOUL. Perform the steps in Chapter 7, but choose GAS instead of SOUL.
You can get KCAL by staking some SOUL in Phantom Wallet.

  1. Click the arrows and you will see this exact screen. It should now say that you will swap ‘From Phantasma Blockchain to NEO Blockchain’.
  2. Enter your public NEO address.
  3. Select the token you want to swap. For this example, we’re choosing SOUL.
  4. Enter the amount you want to swap.
  5. Click on SWAP ASSETS and confirm the message that pops up.

A loading animation will now show that the transaction is being confirmed. Once confirmed, the wallet will show a clickable transaction hash.

Sending Tokens

After clicking Send you’ll be brought to the screen below. To send your tokens to other Phantom Wallets you have to complete 5 steps (depicted in the screenshots below):

  1. Select Chain (which will be main).
  2. Select which token you want to send (e.g. SOUL).
  3. Enter the amount you want to send (e.g. 1000).
  4. Enter the destination address.
  5. Select Destination Chain (which will be main).


After clicking Settings you’ll be brought to this screen. On this screen you’ll see 5 different fields:

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